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    From Nitro@21:1/190 to All on Sat Mar 21 15:18:03 2020

    I have solved most of my setup woes with one glaring exception and its more
    of a housekeeping thing I think. But I have tried to figure it out for a
    month or so and have tried several different options and asked other sysops privately to no avail so I let you all have a stab at it. The problem is
    when files get tossed they all end up in C:\mystic\files when in my
    mailin.ini each network is supposed to have its own base directory (which it does) fido, fsx, agora etc. they never end up there however. Also can you
    cut and paste into these message groups this was hard to get all this info on here?

    ; Toss TIC from unsecure directory in addition to inbound?

    unsecure_dir = false

    ; File description to use when no DIZ, long description or description an be
    ; found from the file or .TIC file.

    no_desc=No Description

    ; Name of the uploader to use when adding TIC files into the local file bases

    uploader=Abacus BBS

    ; Check size and CRC values supplied in TIC file (if found) against the actual
    ; file. If the value does not match, then skip tossing the file (movin
    ; to the bad directory if enabled)

    check_crc = true
    check_size = true

    ; If this is true, then files that are FROM an unknown node will stillb

    allow_unsecure = false

    auto_create = true

    ; And the areatag was "nodelist", Mystic would create and the use path:
    ; c:\bbs\files\fdn_nodelist\
    ; And the datafile would be fdn_nodelist

    dir_prefix = c:\mystic\files\
    ; Auto create base options

    dispfile =
    template = ansiflst
    acs_list = s10
    acs_ftp = s255
    acs_download = s20
    acs_upload = s255
    acs_hatch = s255
    acs_sysop = s255

    ; true/false type values 0=false 1=true (newscan 2=forced)

    free_files = 0
    show_uploader = 1
    new_scan = 1

    ; Node-specific options allow some options to be overridden when a file is
    ; coming from a specific node. These options should be prefixed with t e
    ; address, examples for each supported option are listed below in comme ts

    ; Create fsxNet file areas when sent from fsxNet HUB 21:1/100
    ; You may want to change this if you are being fed from another HUB
    ; with a different address e.g. 21:2/100 etc.

    21:1/100_bad_dir = c:\mystic\files\fsx\badfile
    21:1/100_dir_prefix = c:\mystic\files\fsx
    21:1/100_allow_replace = true
    21:1/100_acs_list = s10z1
    21:1/100_acs_ftp = s255z1
    21:1/100_acs_download = s20z1
    21:1/100_acs_upload = s255z1
    21:1/100_acs_hatch = s255z1
    21:1/100_acs_sysop = s255z1

    ; FidoNet files

    1:340/400_bad_dir = c:\mystic\files\fido\badfile
    1:340/400_dir_prefix = c:\mystic\files\fido
    1:340/400_allow_replace = true
    1:340/400_acs_list = s10z2
    1:340/400_acs_ftp = s255z2
    1:340/400_acs_download = s20z2
    1:340/400_acs_upload = s255z2
    1:340/400_acs_hatch = s255z2
    1:340/400_acs_sysop = s255z2

    ;Agoranet Files

    46:1/156_bad_dir = c:\mystic\files\agora\badfile
    46:1/156_dir_prefix = c:\mystic\files\agora
    46:1/156_allow_replace = true
    46:1/156_acs_list = s10z3
    46:1/156_acs_ftp = s255z3
    46:1/156_acs_download = s20z3
    46:1/156_acs_upload = s255z3
    46:1/156_acs_hatch = s255z3
    46:1/156_acs_sysop = s255z3

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/03/18 (Windows/64)
    * Origin: Abacus BBS (21:1/190)
  • From gallaxial@21:1/129 to All on Sat Apr 4 09:01:35 2020
    I remark that Mystic do not see Sub folder when
    i /Upload New folder File's, does its a flaw or misconfig
    of my part ?


    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/03/29 (Windows/64)
    * Origin: SpaceSST BBS (21:1/129)