• Text File to Netmail?

    From Jeff Smith@21:1/128 to All on Fri Apr 3 23:49:13 2020

    Hello everybody!

    I know one can post a text file to a Mystic message base area
    using Mutil. But can the same process be used to post a text
    file to Mystic netmail message? Currently the possible
    perameters are:

    file1_name = myfile.txt
    file1_baseidx = 2
    file1_from = Sysop
    file1_to = All
    file1_subj = My subject
    file1_addr = 0:0/0
    file1_delfile = false

    Can a outbound destination be specified as well as maybe
    netmail handling parameters such as Crash and Direct?


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