• Change color theme with one command?

    From Don Rolo@21:4/167 to All on Sun Apr 12 14:41:48 2020
    COVID 19.

    Question: is there a way to change ALL the color of a Mystic theme with any command (at least the color of all the text)?
    I want to give it a retro terminal look (green "ATM" or amber).
    And looking for information in the Mystic Wiky I found this:

    "Each Theme in Mystic BBS can also have a set of custom colors configured specifically for that theme. These can be accessed by using the following
    codes ...

    T1: Sets current color to theme's color # 1 ... "

    And so it goes for every available color...

    So before doing it manually, line by line from the Theme -cfg. I wanted to
    ask you if there is a way to make it automatic.
    Googling, I didn't find it yet ...

    Thank you very much for any help in this regard!

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