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    Is there a way to import RSS feeds directly into a message base?

    Yes. Bug_ubuntu in the bot channel does this all the time.

    It's just a SMOP. (Small Matter Of Programming.) <GRIN>

    Basically, use mutil to load messages into the message base.

    I have a silly python3 script that reads the RSS feed, mashes it up
    and outputs what mutil needs.

    Ok, I actually use feedparser, and it does 99% of the RSS work for me.

    The other "challenge" is getting HTML into nice text output.
    I accomplish that with a simple call to elinks:

    text = check_output( ["elinks", "-dump", "0",
    "-dump-width", "72", "--no-references",
    "--no-numbering", "./rss_feed.html",
    universal_newlines=True, shell=False)

    This takes html and makes it nice 72 column format. It understands
    (HTML) center, word wrap, tables, etc.
    Elinks is a text based browser after all. ;)

    I went a little crazy with the mutil ini part, I use jinja2
    (template) to generate it.

    You're welcome to a copy of it. I'd attach it here, but I'm not sure
    how well that would work.

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