• Python Set Up Question

    From The Godfather@21:1/165 to All on Sun May 10 15:01:05 2020
    Hi all,

    I have Python installed on my system and it can be recognized from any Windows/Dos directory.

    I set the set the following below per the .docs within mystic:


    When I install "made for windows" .MPL scrips that also use .PY scripts, they are NOT working. The .MPL portion works fine, the .PY scipts do not.

    Below the above SET functions that Mystic recommends doing, it has the below that I don't quite understand as I'm at the moment just setting up Python to run scripts designed by others within the Mystic World..... I am signed up
    for free courses to learn Python language that I'll start tomorrow however.

    What below am have I not done that I should to get the two working well together?


    Change the location of the standard Python libraries. By default, the
    libraries are searched in prefix/lib/pythonversion and
    exec_prefix/lib/pythonversion, where prefix and exec_prefix are
    installation-dependent directories, both defaulting to /usr/local.

    When PYTHONHOME is set to a single directory, its value replaces both
    prefix and exec_prefix. To specify different values for these, set
    PYTHONHOME to prefix:exec_prefix.


    Augment the default search path for module files. The format is the same
    as the shell's PATH: one or more directory pathnames separated by
    os.pathsep (e.g. colons on Unix or semicolons on Windows). Non-existent
    directories are silently ignored.

    In addition to normal directories, individual PYTHONPATH entries may
    refer to zipfiles containing pure Python modules (in either source or
    compiled form). Extension modules cannot be imported from zipfiles.

    The default search path is installation dependent, but generally begins
    with prefix/lib/pythonversion (see PYTHONHOME above). It is always
    appended to PYTHONPATH.

    An additional directory will be inserted in the search path in front of
    PYTHONPATH as described above under Interface options. The search path
    can be manipulated from within a Python program as the variable sys.path

    Any assistance would be much appreciated!


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