• importError: cannot import name _remove_dead_weakref

    From The Godfather@21:1/165 to All on Mon May 11 13:14:07 2020
    Hey All,

    I have an error popping up similar on any python script I try to run within Windows 10.

    I set the environmental variables within the system settings to Path c:\Python27

    I also set the base home and path variables that Mystic Docs asks to set.

    What else could be causing this error to pull up:

    ImportError: cannot import name_remove_dead_weakref

    This is relating to the Threat Sentry Mod, however I am having similar errors with the XQ-Get Weather, and Fox and CNN news .py scripts. It has to be a variable within windows and or python needing set, or a missing DLL, outdated weakref (or wrong version,) or ???? I've read many links all referring to
    this error, and not a youtube video in site. Any input would be appreciated ....

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