• 2 ?s; event results & msg #s in indexed reader

    From paulie420@21:2/150 to All on Mon Jul 13 17:13:18 2020
    I have searched the wiki and don't see an answer for #1, and only see HOW to edit the .INI & .ANS files in #2... so, I hope someone can help me answer:

    1) I was having some issues with events... I use linux, so commands in
    /mystic needed './' on the front, but commands in my /usr/bin or other paths didnt (i.e. 'python2 <options>')... anyway, in MIS it shows my events when
    they happen and there is a RES next to it. I assume it means results; I get
    0, 2 and 127... is there a listing of what these results mean? I also
    searched the documentations in /docs... no 'event results'...

    2) I've chosed to keep ALL the fsxNet messages in each message base; so
    general is at 11,000-something.. however, in the indexed reader it doesn't
    show the first character. I assume theres just not enough room before the
    next string happens; am I correct in thinking if I either edit the .INI file and give it another character, or edit the .ANS file and physically move the message base command code one space to the right, that that would fix it? I *think* I can iron this one out but figured I'd post before I go get pissy editting one or more of these...

    Also, if you have any suggestions or tips on either of these topics before I dive in. :P Thanks kindly, as always!!


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    * Origin: American Pi BBS (21:2/150)