• Mystic theme help part 2

    From gcubebuddy@21:4/129 to All on Wed Apr 14 16:56:40 2021
    Hi all again,
    So i have gotten to the part where i am editing the menu for "main". After a few days of screwing around with the settings in the menu editor, i finally found the magic bullet to set the position of the selection on the menu

    This is the current code i am using for that:
    |CR|[X05|[Y08|09(10M|09) |03Messages

    With the code above, it will set the positon of the text, the problem is, the text length also blacks out the ANSI file it is posted on, even though there
    is no test after the work Messages...

    Does anyone know of a display code that would shorten the text length field
    so it doesnt run into the ANSI graphic at the otehr side of the screen? i tried useing the |DLmain command at the start of the command, but it also doesnt seem to work. I looked all through the mystic display code doc, but i dont think i have found the right one. Any advice would ge appricated.

    NOTE: on the ANSI file itself i am using the code !CL!PO

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