• Reminder of available file and message areas

    From Solaris@21:2/1202 to All on Wed Apr 14 17:20:08 2021
    Message Areas

    FSX_TST fsxNet Test Arena
    FSX_GEN General Chat + More..
    FSX_MYS Mystic BBS Support/Dev
    FSX_MAG Talisman BBS Support/Dev
    FSX_BBS BBS Support/Dev
    FSX_ENG ENiGMA 1/2 BBS Support/Dev
    FSX_HAM Amateur Radio
    FSX_CRY Cryptographics
    FSX_NET fsxNet Network Ops/Planning
    FSX_ESP Espanol General Chat
    FSX_ADS BBS and NETwork Ads
    FSX_STA Echomail + Network Stats
    FSX_FIL File Announcements
    FSX_BOT Automated roBOT Posts
    FSX_DAT InterBBS DataArea

    File Areas

    FSX_NODE Weekly Nodelist
    FSX_INFO Weekly Infopack
    FSX_MYST Mystic BBS Software Area
    FSX_MUTL Mystic BBS Utils, Mods etc
    FSX_SOFT BBS Software (Current + Legacy)
    FSX_UTLS BBS Utils, Tools, Networking etc.
    FSX_DOOR BBS Doors, Games etc.
    FSX_ARTS ANSI Art Groups, Individuals etc.
    FSX_IMGE Image Files (Various)Area
    FSX_TEXT Text Files (Various)

    you can area/file fix or let your NC know to add you.


    |08Sys|05op So|13laRis
    |13 Err|05or 12|0802 and |10Er|02ror |104|080|024 B|08BS !
    |15FSXnet HuB 2 T|07holian A|08DmiN !

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/08/25 (Windows/64)
    * Origin: Error 1202 BBS (21:2/1202)