• Working on Mystic TAGLINES.DAT file; info.

    From paulie420@21:2/150 to All on Fri Jul 2 11:27:12 2021
    Some of you know I threw up a HUGE collection of taglines... I've been playing with them today and found some new information:

    Taglines should online be 78 characters long, or else when the taglines.ans/taglines.ini screen displays them characters are left in the #1 / #80 column as you scroll thru. They remain on screen and look bad.

    Mystic will only read #5000 taglines in the taglines.dat file. [However, it scrolls and searches this amount REALLY quickly and nice.]

    Knowing these two restrictions, I'm going to start to create different taglines collections for the community... I lave 400,000 lines of text, so its a lot of data to go thru. If anyone wants some certain collection of tags you might let me know - or, anyone is invited to join me.

    Furthermore, if anyone knows of other, more curated collections - please let me know... :P If this isn't smart to dig into such a large database of them I'd hate to waste time on it.

    I've found these links useful for taglines:
    http://yceran.org/stuff/4tag/4tag.qf http://www.fortlangley.ca/pepin/taglines.html https://heyrick.eu/assembler/funnies.html

    Anyway, just a ton of tagline data.. cheers.


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