• Tasks can't do my bot anymore!

    From bcw142@21:1/145 to All on Sun Feb 6 07:52:44 2022
    Things have changed with A47 vs A46. A46 could and did run my bots, A47 won't anymore. I've had to move to cron. This maybe right in that I am running OS utilities (cow) that are not in the /mystic path. It is what I have done up
    to this point. A46 would do it, A47 won't. This is likely a refinement of mystic to help with hacking issues. The cron task might be able to be hacked, where mystic tasks now can't be that I know of. It has meant I needed to
    change my bot, but the bot is using things from Linux making it easier to
    Bottom line, things have changed, but it's likely they should have to keep hackers out of mystic. I didn't see any mention of it in whatsnew.txt, but
    I might have missed it - even if I didn't the bots don't follow the way
    mystic should do stuff. So the change is in keeping with the way mystic should do things to keep hackers out.

    ... Some people have no idea what they're doing, and are really good at it!

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/12/24 (Raspberry Pi/32)
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