• Galatic Dyn v1.3.0 (Error Message)

    From Argos@21:1/203 to All on Fri Sep 9 12:25:11 2022
    Was playing Gal. Dyn v1.3.0 (DEV) today and the below error message showed up ... see below screen clip ... Although I just hit enter and it just moved along, I thought I pass this along.

    Your food planets produced 2400 food.
    Your soldier planets provided 50 troops
    Your ore planets mined 12200 ore.
    Your industrial planets produced 12000 sprockets leaving you with 16783 ore. Taxes produce 446798 credits
    971 new citizens join the empire events.lua:77: bad argument #1 to 'random' (number has no integer representation)


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