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    From SirRonmit@21:2/120 to ALL on Sun Jun 25 08:27:36 2023
    So here is a question I've come to wonder over the past few weeks while editing my Mystic servers and .PHP TelnetBBS logins:

    Is it possible to create a link to login to a particular portal?

    I see the -N# and -TID# menu options, but I was wondering if I was able to edit a link on my webpage that I could click to login remotely via telnet portal from a webpage to access anything other than NODE1 .. A couple of my games only run on Node1, so I was hoping to say "SYSOP login NODE5" via a web link from my new job when I get time so that I can play around and make setting changes - and that way, if my session gets interrupted, I only lock our NODE5 until I get home to reset and not NODE1 where those games can be played by my users.


    Ooooorrr // as I was just typing that out, I know I could remotely login to my :23 instance (no users - only used to capture telnet hackers/bots and block those IPs on both Mystic Servers as well as my Firewall) and then create a link from the SYSOP menu to my live :2323/:62323 Mystic -- but then again, would passing the -N# work as well? Like it does when accessing a door game and passing the NODE number to the .bat file?

    This way, if I'm remotely logged into node 5 (which is never used), and a
    user or two login, they can see me on node 5 and start chat if they wish or play those games that seem to only run on node 1.


    Timothy Norris
    aka SirRonmit
    bbs.f4fbbs.com:2323 or :62323

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