• re: soma.fm

    From SoDa7@21:1/172 to poindexter FORTRAN on Mon Nov 7 13:45:48 2022
    Here's a plug for soma fm, https://soma.fm. It's my favorite music streaming site with over 30 channels of curated music, see below. You
    can listen with a phone app, pop-up player, Windows Media, MP3 and AAC playlists.

    I know about this station! It's for sure one of my favourite webradio
    stations! The diversity of the music offered is amazing, and I love how the radio is also commercial-free!

    Sometimes I listen to some of these stations when I call the boards! And
    drone zone is one of the stations that help me focus, relax, and even drift
    to sleep.

    I can't recommend it enough!

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