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    From Nigel Reed@21:2/101 to All on Sat Apr 29 04:54:02 2023
    For those not in the UK, you may not know about a weekday music quiz on BBC Radio 2.

    It's called Ten to the Top. Basically the contentants get asked 10 questions. The first is worth 1 point, if you get it right it goes to 2, then 3. Get one wrong and you go back down to 1 point. You can use a joker to double your points for the next question if you play it before the question is asked.

    They have a big variety so it can be quite challenging to chain a number of correct answers together. If you only get every other question right, that's 5 points. If you get the first 3 questions right, that 1+2+3=6 right off the bat.

    I have an excel spreadsheet that I use to keep my score for the week.

    This quiz took the place of Popmaster, hosted by Ken Bruce who bailed from BBC Radio and went to a commercial station.

    This one also has 10 questions. 7 of them are worth 3 points each and 3 bonus questions are worth 6. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the game gets to play "3 in 10" They have to give 3 Top 75 UK chart hits for a given band or artist within 10 seconds to win the good prize.


    This may complain you're blocked but click the X and you should be able to listen.

    I also have this on my spreadsheet. I also track the average for the week, how many 3 in 10's I got right and a list of the artists picked.

    If you like music quizes and fancy something a bit different, check out the 2 podcasts.
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