• The Cure

    From Nigel Reed@21:2/101 to FSXNET.FSX_MUSIC on Mon May 15 02:03:21 2023

    Took the wife to see The Cure at Dos Equis Pavillion in Dallas on
    Saturday night. I can't say I was really a fan, I've never listened to
    their music. I always thought that goth stuff was dark and depressing.

    I knew the 2nd song they played, and then nothing until the 2nd encore.

    That said, I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. Usually at a
    concert I'm listening to the lyrics and the music, but I just really
    faded out and let the music drift over me. Was a good experience.

    Excellent musicmanship, as you'd expect. I'd glad I went.

    Dos Equis Pavillion is an open air venue with some seated sections
    under cover and a bit grass area. Total capacity is 20,000. It was a
    sold out show. I guess they're still huge.
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