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    The best vinyl record stores in Toronto are where audiophiles
    go to get their fix. Some consider vinyl the ultimate recording
    material, but many of these stores have music in other formats
    and lots of great music merch to geek out on too.

    Here are the best vinyl record stores in Toronto.

    Sonic Boom

    This multi-level store in Chinatown is Canada's largest
    independent record shop and sells more than just records. It
    stocks the newest and best in music, films, and used titles and
    is a popular destination for turntables, speakers, band t-
    shirts, knickknacks, and home goods. To top it all off, Sonic
    Boom regularly hosts in-store performances and record signings
    with artists like Mac Demarco, Broken Social Scene, and Sloan.

    Rotate This

    The independent Ossington store is one of Toronto's most
    revered record shops. Their mission is to sell as many new
    vinyl releases from independent bands and artists around the
    world as possible. Rotate This stocks a highly-coveted
    collection of used vinyl as well, but the turnover is fast, so
    you'll never see too many in-store at a time.

    Play De Record

    Toronto DJs will find everything they need at this Chinatown
    record store. In fact, in the 90s it was known to supply
    records to the city's radio DJs. After thirty years of
    business, the shop continues to offer an impressive range of
    rare discographies, new arrivals, and international records.
    Play De Record also sells DJ equipment for all skill levels and
    staff can help guide your purchases if you're just getting

    Dead Dog Records

    Now with locations in Bloordale, Queen West, and the Village,
    this well-known record shop is a newer installment in the
    city.Founded in 2015 by ex-employees of the formerly-defunct
    Sunrise Records, the well-organized inventory here features a
    mix of current and old vinyl, CDs, and DVDs (new and used),
    along with fun merchandise like t-shirts, toys, and turntables.

    Kops Records Danforth

    There are two locations of this warehouse-esque record store,
    on Queen West, and the Danforth. The store, opened in the 70s,
    is named after owner Martin Koppel, who had a personal record
    collection that grew so big, he had no choice but to open a
    shop. At Kops, you'll find a wide variety of old and new vinyl
    with lots of rarities like first pressings and recordings of
    iconic speeches.

    Pop Music

    This East Chinatown vinyl shop doesn't sell used records.
    Instead, Pop Music prides itself on its massive collection of
    mainstream commercial albums, making it easy for fans to find
    the music they're looking for. Sift through the biggest hits of
    all time, and don't forget to browse the merch section for band
    tees and accessories, like hats and keychains.

    Cosmos Records

    A relic from the late 90s, Cosmos is known for its collection
    of rare and collectible vinyl, particularly in the genres of
    soul, vintage rock, hip hop, funk and disco. The curatorial
    vision of the flagship (located on Queen West) is to resurface
    relevant music that has fallen through the cracks.

    Grasshopper Records

    The notorious Dundas West spot is the only record shop in
    Toronto open late (until nearly 1 a.m. every night). It's named
    for the band/alias of the shop's eccentric owner, a local
    legend in Toronto's music scene. He exclusively stocks used
    vinyl records and generously shares his personal taste, so you
    can trust you're getting the best referrals.

    Tonality Records

    This specialty vinyl shop on Dundas West near Roncesvalles is a
    haven for music geeks. The shop curates records by indie label
    rather than by artist or genre, allowing customers to find
    bands by association - a great way to discover music they
    wouldn't otherwise be exposed to. As if that weren't exciting
    enough, the shop also sells a range of vintage radios,
    turntables, receivers, amplifiers, and tuners.

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