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    From Mike Dippel@21:4/176 to All on Sat Mar 5 09:56:08 2022
    My wife and I attended the Doo Wop Reunion's 20th Anniversary in Clearwater Florida
    last night, and the lineup put me in Doo Wop heaven.

    Artists included Joey Dee and the Starliters (Peppermint Twist), Larry Chance and the
    Earls (Remember Then), the Drifters (Under the Boardwalk, Stand By Me) and the Coasters (Searchin', Yakety Yak and a slew of other hits). Also performing were Kenny
    Vance and the Planetones (Loookin' For an Echo), Jay Siegel and The Tokens (The Lion
    Sleeps Tonight. Tonight I Fell in Love) and a group out of Detroit known as The Shades
    Of Blue (Oh How Happy).

    As with any aging group, some singers have lost a bit of their singing voices and some
    had to sit a while when singing, but overall it was a great concert.

    Years ago, Larry Chance had throat cancer but is now cancer free. Kenny Vance suffered
    from a tear in his artery but mad a comeback and still sounds great!

    Growing up in Detroit, I wasn't exposed to the group harmony that was prevalent in
    Philadelphia and the Bronx, but once I was exposed, it became my favorite form of

    Mike Dippel

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