• Future-Proofing Dos Bbss

    From MIKE POWELL@21:1/175 to J0HNNY A1PHA on Thu Feb 15 08:56:00 2024
    │ LINUX
    │ There's a perl script package (https://github.com/Geryon/TelnetBBS) that
    │ I've had luck with, but it's not pretty. But it's functional! Don't know
    │ if DOSBOX or DOSBOX-X or DOSBOX-STAGING resolve some of the SHARE type
    │ issues I've seen in the past, but this might be the most future-proof
    │ method out there. But pretty hard to run headless without X.

    I am running this BBS under an older version of DOSEMU in a VM that is
    running an older version of linux. The VM runs on a Debian 12 box. I
    *think* I could probably run it under the older DOSEMU version directly on Debian 12 but some of my doors would stop working.

    It is not super difficult but also not super easy. For the virtual modem,
    I am using tty0tty and tcpser... the former creates the virtual serial
    devices, while the latter sets them up as "modems."


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