• Whoops, Name typo... SuperBBS

    From Shurato@21:2/148 to Spectre on Mon Apr 15 06:31:00 2024
    You should have some messages posted so I know where to start.

    I used to, I blew up the hudson base so many times they kinda got lost.

    I wanted to look at SuperBBS which is an RA clone.

    Strictly speaking its a QuickBBS clone, but then RA is also.

    No full screen menus, no full screen reader.

    Boggle, ddi you end up with ASCII menus? You can change menu types off the main menu. If'n I recall right, FANSI menus are the most complex
    ANSI wise, but they're more coloured ASCII than full screen block
    arty farty ANSI. All the rest is there so long as ANSI is selected
    for term emulation.

    When I logged in, I picked FANSI, but the system didn't detect it at connection. I'm using IcyTerm.

    Even the network connection is really slow.

    Yeah it kinda is. I believe its RLFOSSIL cause the speed issues, although Super won't behave if you tell it to do any more than 38.4k So it may be the pair. Amongst other issues, I can't get any of the file transfer
    to work properly even locally. There's to much lag in the whole
    thing. Even locally its like working with something at ~56k.

    38.4k isn't too bad, but it seemed more like 9600...

    I stuck with Super because its what I always used, there might be better hardware emulation to get better performance out of it, but I don't have more physical hardware to throw at the problem. Over all, its going
    to look much like any other RA setup of a similar vintage, and work
    much the same way.

    Ok, I'll try again.

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