• Thrift Buys

    From poindexter FORTRAN@21:4/122 to All on Sun May 22 08:57:00 2022
    I went to a local thrift store, and got a couple of calculators for my
    rapidly growing collection.

    Casio FX-115


    A classic little scientific calculator, bright display, in great
    shape with a little vinyl sleeve. $3.

    Hewlett Packard HP-42S


    The batteries were dead, but hadn't leaked. Shorted out the battery
    leads while pressing the On button, replaced the batteries, and it
    came up. It's in great shape, with vinyl sleeve, and I found a nice
    third-party guide online. $3.

    This one goes alongside my HP12C, HP10B, 20B and 20S. If I ever get an
    HP16C or HP41CX, I'll stop.

    Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus


    $3. I keep buying these for cheap and giving them to kids I know in
    high school/college. I should keep one for myself some time, but I
    have no use for it.

    Not that I have a need for 4 HP calculators, though...


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