• First computer stories?

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    Hello aLPHA!

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    So my *first* real computer was a TI-99, but I barely
    remember that. I was like 10 or 11?

    Your message of March 16 seems to have show up here only now.

    If a programmable calculator can be deemed a computer, then
    does the SR-51A count? I was in my final year of highschool
    when my parents doled out $450 for one of those for me.

    I still have it, sans the battery pack. The battery pack had
    started to leak at some point so I trew it out. Now I realize
    that maybe a BP-1 battery case fitted with 3 x AA batteries
    could work.

    I seem to recall that some of the keys started to have contact
    issues, so maybe the whole thing of bringing it back to life
    just to use it for a few minutes is pointless.

    But.. just holding it my hand sure brings back a lot of

    It was really the C64 that was the love/obsession of my (1980's) life. My father knew I has been pining for it [..]

    So, my father died exactly 4 weeks ago today. While he was in the
    hospital, I bought a C64 on eBay, on impulse. [...]

    Sorry to hear about your father. Artifacts have a powerful way
    to trigger memories.

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