• SpaceX + Starlink

    From Avon@21:1/101 to All on Sun Dec 25 13:03:13 2022
    Anyone using this system?

    I could pick it up but the costs here in NZ are crazy.

    I'm also interested in the upcoming v2 version of the satellites which I understand will greatly improve bandwidth etc. for the system. But can't occur until they get their Starbase ships flying in order to take them into LEO

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  • From Utopian Galt@21:4/108 to Avon on Sat Dec 24 19:05:11 2022
    BY: Avon(21:1/101)

    |11A|09> |10Anyone using this system?|07
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    |11A|09> |10I could pick it up but the costs here in NZ are crazy.|07
    Maybe share the costs with a neighbor?

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  • From vorlon@21:1/195.1 to Avon on Mon Dec 26 09:39:05 2022
    Hi Avon,

    Anyone using this system?

    I looked at it for home, and even made the deposit. Then about four
    months latter the NBN guys did some work, and the fixed wireless has been
    so much better. The signal used to drop to low levels, and go into the
    red. Now it's solid two bar orange and I'm getting my purchased speed of

    Today's speed test, https://www.speedtest.net/result/14121262727

    So when I got the email saying that my spot was ready, I cancled.

    I could pick it up but the costs here in NZ are crazy.

    Starlink isn't designed for someone like you who has a fibre connection
    into his house. It's for people that have no or poor connections.


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